Red Light Therapy Mattress
Red Light Therapy Mattress
Red Light Therapy Mattress

Red Light Therapy Mattress

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660nm & 880nm Light for Whole Body Relax Pain Relieve Panel Light

Certification: CE
Size: Large


✔This red light therapy device includes 1008 visible red lights (660 nm ) & 252 invisible NIR lights (880 nm). 880 nm Near-infrared LEDs can deeply penetrate into the body, muscle and joint.

✔Effective: Scientific red light therapy combination - red light 660nm and near infrared light 880nm are the best combination wavelength for therapy. Red & infrared light can directly penetrate the skin to the muscles. Collocation of 170×60cm pads’ super large therapy area. So that a therapy process of the body can be done in 30 minutes, use 2 to 3 times a day to speed up the light therapy.

✔Auto shut-off timer: You can sleep safely on it and the device will automatically shut down after 10-90 minutes of use.You can also open it again to prolong the light therapy time.

✔Natural, Safe, Harmless: The LED therapy device can be applied to relief back pain, neck pain, bone breaks, nerve pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain and relax muscles and so on. And this product is totally safe that will not produce any negative effects.