Chimere Mills-Watts is a South Carolina native, currently residing in Texas as a wife, mother of two, Medical Scientist, Pre-Med Student, and entrepreneur. In 2019, she took something that began with a frustration and turned it into a vision by founding her online business Red Royalty Room Boutique.

Continuously putting off the launch, she decided to gain skills and take courses and fashion and beauty all while maintaining a full-time job as a Medical Laboratory Technician and finishing her degree in Medical Laboratory Science full-time.

Her vision then blossomed massively that most would say is too big for her own shoes, yet, Mrs. Watts is a believer in following her passion, hard work, and living the dreams that are never-ending. She is also passionate about uplifting and encouraging women and men to pursue their own goals and dreams.

“I want everyone to get to the point where they understand the saying ‘the sky is not the limit, it’s only the view’ and flourish with consistency, by holding on to faith, and learning that the many failures fall down to your feet and become your bridge to success.” – Chimere Mills-Watts